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The two most common causes for time off work are back pain and stress related illness. Understanding the causes and making simple changes to our daily habits and practices can be really helpful in the fight against pain, stress and anxiety.

Bad postural habits - the way we sit, stand and walk every day can change the way our body moves and responds.  This can lead to strain, imbalance ind weakness. This has nothing to do with fitness levels, anyone can be prone to strain and postural imbalance from the couch potato to the dedicated marathon runner and everyone in between.


Stress is a natural response - the fight or flight response that pushes us into action when we are presented with an urgent need.  This can be anything from needing to run away from a wild animal, to thirst or sleep deprivation - or in our modern lives, financial pressures, relationship concerns, work issues.


These more long-term concerns keep us stuck in a state of stress

- the levels of stress hormones in our bodies remain chronically raised unless we learn some strategies to physically let go.

When we master these techniques we can think more clearly and deal with stressful situations when they arise in a much calmer and less damaging way.

Often illness, pain and stress are connected, understanding how this works and what to do to manage the effects can make a huge difference in every area of our lives.


I have guest lectured at a local University, provided therapy sessions for school inset days, presented talks on the connections between posture and pain - and stress and pain.

I have taught pain patterns to Yoga Teachers, assessed misalignment issues in adolescent gymnasts and helped groups that support people with mobility issues and their carers.

If you are looking for a Staff Day to raise morale, or some practical exercises to improve posture or motivate a disillusioned group, I would be happy to come out to your workplace or club.

Give me a call: 07715600205 - or email me: and let me know how I can help you.

Best wishes, Tracy