We all feel, at certain points in life somewhat lost, without any clear direction, desperately wanting something different in life and having absolutely no idea what that might be!

…And yet that in itself can be the beginning of the answer you are looking for.  On reflection, you might feel deep down that you are caught between the past and the future -  afraid to let go of the old and familiar and yet fearful of the consequences of new and undiscovered pastures.

So perhaps lost is incorrect, perhaps what you are actually feeling is the awareness of change happening. Try acknowledging that you may feel a little unsettled until you are able to take steps in that new direction.

Periods of transition are so often accompanied by a nagging feeling of being 'lost'. But once we accept that the feeling is not one of bewilderment, but of anticipation in recognition of changes about to take place, we can feel much more in control and take those next few steps with courage and a clarity of mind - not lost at all – but found!


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