The Power of Thought


Nothing we do, no action, emotion, accident or injury is without thought.  Those thoughts might be very small and unnoticed , but they affect every single thing we do and experience.

- they may be positive: - "I might take a little more care in the snow and ice this morning"

- or negative: -"Let other people worry, I'm in a hurry"

- You may or may not even be fully aware of them - i.e. "I actually don't want to do this"

But the thoughts you hold,  will affect your actions your discussions with others, your tolerance levels and your ability to recognise a positive or negative outcome of every situation.

Our thoughts, however are just that - OURS! WE have the power to alter them, we just need to take a moment to be fully aware of our own thought processes and ask:

Does this thought bring me or anyone else happiness? prosperity? health? wellbeing? security?

Is this thought true? .. Is it helpful?  Is it constructive or destructive?

If I were to change this thought - in what ways could I or someone else benefit from that change?

Go on give it a try watch your thoughts today, and if it has snowed where you are - watch your step too!

Have a wonderful day - Tracy x

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