The importance of feet

feet-narowMany times over the years I have had cause to use remedial massage techniques on feet after twists and falls, surgery and for chronic pain symptoms such as plantarfasciitis and sesamoiditis.

However, in treating hips and knees it has often become necessary to correct some imbalance of the feet, as often they are the ‘culprit’ in a secondary injury to the leg or hip.  Any imbalance – i.e. uneven weight distribution, compensatory gait patterns, poorly designed or fitted footwear, excessive extension or contraction caused by casual postural habits, can lead to chronic, repetitive injury and strain to other parts of the body.

Observation, evaluation and treatment of the feet should always be considered when seeking causation of alignment injuries.

Oftentimes clients have said to me, when describing a hip or back problem – “I know it isn’t related but I get this odd pain in my foot...”

It IS related, one way or the other, you are NOT a bag of disparate parts, but one whole, living organism!

Look after your feet, take time to notice what you do with them, what strains you put on them, how you walk, any changes that might occur.  Spotting imbalances here can save a whole lot of pain and expense later on.

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