The All

Whatever name you choose, there is a spirit greater than each of us individually,  that creates us all and is created by us all. And just sometimes,  the miracle and beauty of The All, shines through and dispels all doubt and fear, divisions of greed and poverty, love and hate.

Some may struggle with the term ‘spirit’ – yet it is simply a word to describe that which is intangible to our senses, yet touches our deepest consciousness. It is a thing of energy and simplicity. It is empowered by thought and emotion – and it empowers through thought and emotion. It has no agenda, it simply is.

It is all of us and we are all of it.

Today's message is to remind you that the light of  The All resides in you and is reflected by you as you travel through this day.  Take a moment to consider all those whose lives you will touch and who will touch yours this day and find comfort and peace in both x

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