Persistent stress wrecks our health, fitness and personal relationships. It can cause debilitating anxiety, damage our self-confidence and limit opportunities. There are many different approaches to stress management, anxiety relief and relaxation.

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What's so wrong with Stress?

Stress is a normal physiological response.  At the first sign of a perceived danger, it instigates a massive rush of adrenal hormones that make physiological changes to our body:

Non emergency functions, such as reproduction, digestion, healing and immune function are suppressed while blood pressure is raised, muscle tension is increased and the survival instinct takes over our thoughts.

This is fine, if we are running from a tiger. -  I don't know about you, but that's not a common problem in my life!  We 'surburbians', tend to worry about work, relationships and finances.  None of which (most of the time) have a simple and quick solution.! SO... the side effects that are OK for short-term reactions, become long term side effects that cause havoc to our daily lives and long term health, wealth and wellbeing.  

Persistent long term stress really DOES MATTER

If you are feeling stressed, lethargic and anxious, you might well have noticed that this is a never ending round of ever decreasing circles. - The more tired and lethargic you feel the less you get done, and the worse you feel about yourself. THEN you feel even more weary and less inclined to do anything about it and so it goes on!

When we get to this stage it is time to take some positive action to break the cycle.  The focus of these sessions is to identify the specific circumstances - that make these symptoms worse.  Making small changes in your daily habits will help you to break the cycle and identifying and implementing specific changes will give you the ability to break the inertia.

For most people I suggest 4 - 6 sessions to really get you used to your new habits and iron out any difficulties along the way - then just pop back from time to time if you feel you need an extra boost.

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Persistent Stress causes unwanted physiological effects, including (but not limited to) muscle aches and pains, poor sleep, loss of appetite - or increase in appetite for comfort foods, mood swings, short temper, chronic fatigue and memory problems.

Staying up all night studying, trying to fit more into one day than is reasonable, working long hours and long journeys to and from work, financial difficulties, family problems, personal issues - all these very common issues are damaging our health.  We do know this - but we do it anyway, because pushing ourselves to the limit is what we believe is expected of us. It is certainly what we expect of ourselves.

BUT there's the paradox - the more we are compromised by stress - the less we are able to do, so we might be 'putting in the hours', but we would actually be more productive/successful in our endeavours if we were in a better physical and emotional state.  - These sessions focus on learning how to switch off and include meditation, visualisation, mindful awareness, planning and implementation of the daily changes you can make to improve your lot in life.

I suggest no less than three sessions to make a difference, and more if you have more than three of the examples above going on in your life.

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We often think, when we are feeling insecure that we are the only ones who feel that way.  This isn't true. - But then you already know that don't you? So why is that we hide our feelings of insecurity and low self worth from everyone else around us? Why do we feel ashamed to admit that we feel insecure?

Perhaps, partly, because as a society we revere the 'brave' and the 'strong' and also, often because admitting we have weaknesses reinforces our already fragile view of our own self worth. We berate ourselves in silence and 'put on a brave face' to the rest of the world. I don't believe in short-term fixes in anything I do, but especially not in this regard.  Quieting the inner bully who repeatedly tells you, you're 'not good enough', can help to shake off the shackles that prevent you from taking the actions that would make you a much happier and fulfilled individual.  These sessions focus on identifying the triggers that cause you to feel insecure, then dealing with their root cause. We will then set targets for daily changes and track your progress over a period of weeks.

Consider a series of at least 6 sessions to really help you get on top of this, because, you know you really are a smashing person - you just need to be able to see it for yourself!!

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Sometimes we have no idea 'what is wrong' we just feel that life is somehow a bit, stagnant or that we are tied into a way of life that maybe we wouldn't have chosen. One way of dealing with this is to dissect our past problems and traumas, which can be highly effective - but still focuses on the past - and we're not there anymore!!

These one off sessions are designed to help you identify what you have in your life RIGHT NOW that you can choose to be grateful for, forgive and let go of - and from a positive standpoint plan and implement the changes you want to make.

These are deliberately designed to be upbeat, motivational sessions to set you on a path of a much more positive mindset. You will leave the session feeling empowered and with homework to do!! There is an optional 12 month workbook that you can purchase to help you along your way.

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