Sports Massage techniques were developed to keep athletes of all disciplines at the top of their game.  So much more than just a 'deep tissue massage' these techniques are used to evaluate, balance, strengthen and speed recovery of soft tissue.  A truly invaluable tool, if you really want to do well in your chosen sport.

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Whether you are a...

 - fun runner, weekend warrior, or team player, there will be times, when training is hard or injury threatens to spoil all you've been working for.  If only you could get a little help with the 'wear and tear' of all that training, all those little knocks and days when you just pushed yourself maybe a little too hard!

Well there is, Sports Massage was developed with you in mind.  Find out where your strengths and weaknesses are, how to balance these out and how taking care of yourself in other areas of your life could help to keep you going for many years to come.

So you book an event and the training starts and just as things seem to be going well, there goes that knee again!! No matter what you do, how often you rest it, every time you get back into training, here it is again!!

It might not be your knee it could your back or a shoulder that is your 'Achilles heel' - (it could be your Achilles!) But every time you get back to training it spoils your plans. There are often as many reasons for this as there are people seeking answers.  The thing is, if you've been resting an injury and it hasn't got better, there's a reason for it.  Often the reason is  just that there's an underlying cause that hasn't yet been addressed.

Sports Massage was developed to act as early detection and treatment of soft tissue injuries and anomalies to keep athletes at their peak performance. Even if you have an injured or degenerated joint, limb or back, it is possible to gain ongoing relief with regular massage sessions.  Keeping the soft tissue around the area, as toned and functional as possible will give you the best opportunity to carry on. 

Recommended Treatment Times: 

First visit - 60 minutes / 50.00 Book Now

Follow up 40 - 60 minutes £34.00 / £50.00 (depending on severity)

Sports Massage is really helpful when training for an event.  Assessment and regular treatments to quickly resolve minor imbalance and injury can reduce recovery time during training.

Regular massage throughout the year will help to maintain muscle tone and detect minor imbalance and injury before it stops you in your tracks.

Recommended Treatment Times: 

Legs only - 40 minutes   / £34.00 Book Now

Back & legs 60 minutes / £50.00 Book Now

Full Body  - 90 minutes  / £70.00 Book Now

Pre and Post Event Massage

Pre-Event Massage, prepares the body and mind for maximum strength, speed and stamina. Book 24 - 48 hours prior to your event.

Post-Event Massage effectively soothes overworked muscles, reduces lactic acid and increases ease of movement after the overexertion and adrenaline highs of an event - it is both gentle and effective and is best booked within 1 - 2 days after your event.

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We all accept that certain repetitive movements change the way our bodies work - that's why so many of us go to the gym and why we do our rehab exercises when there's a problem or why so many of us do Yoga or Pilates.

So, if that's the case what about all the unconscious repetitive actions, movements and postures that we perform every single day, often for many hours or hundreds of repetitions? You may not be aware that you are creating a body that is shorter on one side, because you like to sit at your desk with your legs crossed for 8 hours a day, or that your right leg is slightly shorter than your left because when you drive your right foot is turned out at an angle - every trip, every day.

Every body tells a story and studying posture and gait (the way you stand, walk and run) can provide valuable information to help resolve niggling injuries and enable you to make simple changes that will prevent unnecessary injury and help you to recovery from the unavoidable ones!

Recommended Treatment: 

Gait and Posture Assessment 20 minutes / £20.00  Book Now

Gait and Posture in Action  60 minutes / £50.00 Book Now

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