Soft Tissue Injury & Imbalance

Soft tissue injury and imbalance, is responsible for aound 80% of physical pain.  This is often caused through repetitive strain,  postural habits, trips, falls, accidents and muscular strain from fitness training, playing musical instruments, dancing, gardening, home improvements and occasional overload i.e. sports related holidays, team building and outward bound activities.

In brief,  if a group of muscles are overworked either in use or simply in holding the body in a particular position, the resultant friction causes imbalance that can increase over time and cause pain and restricted movement.  Often pain is felt some time after the original cause and frequently in a different location than expected.


Holding a twisted position as in decorating, spring cleaning or working in small awkward spaces could result in pain between  the shoulders, neck, lower back and arms this may be noticed in all areas or only in one or two, but care should be taken to treat all areas likely to have been compromised to get the most value and relief from each treatment.

In most cases, releasing adhesed muscle fibres will take the strain from joints and surrounding soft tissues, reducing pain, inflammation and recovery time.

The same principles apply to trips, falls, over zealous exercise and new activities as well as most of those mysterious instances when you wake up and can’t move your – neck, back, arm etc.,

NB sometimes pain can be an indicator of a more serious problem – please check with your doctor if you are not sure of the origin of  your pain. 

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