An often hidden blessing of life, Simplicity can provide shelter in a storm and clarity when all seems chaotic.  Finding it when all around seems overwhelmingly complex, can be a little tricky at best  - and at times, seemingly impossible. But it is there - hidden in a  moment of quiet reflection, or a flash of inspiration, you just need to stop the hamster wheel long enough to see through the fog.

Sit quietly and focus on your breathing and pick out just one issue that is bothering you and apply very simplistic logic to it.  For example if you have a work related problem, it might go something like this: Work problem, new job or solve problem, choose one and identify the necessary steps to achieve it.

Refocus every time you hear your inner voice saying 'It's not that simple', because although the solution might  be more complex, beginning to resolve it is a simple matter of identifying the basic components. The same approach can be applied to any problem.  Break it down, approach it in small simple steps and before you know it you will be living a much more simple and contented life.



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