Sentience - The ability to feel, awareness of the senses, one of the defining features of life itself is fast becoming a very underused attribute by 21st Century humans.

Sometimes our dependency on technology and the relentless march of regulation and legislation is at risk of making us all feel like the automatons at a Victorian sideshow. It is, however, possible to break free from this endless grind, once we recognise the need for more awareness, more enjoyment and appreciation of life in its vast kaleidoscope of colours, sounds and smells.

When did you last really, fully experience, the food you eat? the wind on your face? the joy of human interaction? Take a moment to look up, what can you see, hear, smell around you?

Bear this thought in mind today and take the time to recognise the many different ways you perceive the world around you and the people you find yourself in contact with, notice the difference in your breathing, your mood and your posture depending on the type of interaction. If you can, take yourself out into nature and immerse yourself in the experience or if not give yourself just 5 or 10 minutes to really listen to a favourite piece of inspirational music or simply close your eyes and visualise yourself on a beach, a mountain, by a lake or flying above the clouds!!

Really feel and come alive in a way that you might not have done for a while, then bring the feeling back with you and enjoy your day in every detail.


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