When I was very young it was often said that respect has to be earned and yet it has become popular to believe that we are all entitled to receive respect from others for no greater reason than our own existence.

While this sentiment is benevolent in its intention, demanding respect is a little like demanding love or affection - the person giving it needs to feel it, otherwise it is just a superficial show of behaviour, devoid of greater meaning. Respect therefore is something that we give. We give to others and we give to ourselves.

Don't concern yourself with whether someone else has shown you respect - have you shown respect to yourself? Have you demonstrated respect towards others?

I like to think of respect as:

Reasonable - Is your behaviour reasonable towards yourself or another - are your thoughts and actions without malice, agenda or bias?

Empathy - Are you applying empathy towards yourself or another - have you considered the various factors and different experiences that make a person the way they are?

Sentient - Are you able to feel benevolent towards yourself or another, can you feel and understand that each person is simply another traveller without a guidebook,  dealing with whatever life brings their way?

Politeness costs nothing, but is greatly received, are the words you have chosen to use polite, this is especially pertinent when considering your thoughts about yourself, remember to be polite to YOU and you will remember to be polite to others.

Egalitarian - do you understand that underneath all the hype we all are created equal, not the same - but equal, in that we all fulfil our own purpose in this life, even if we don't always understand what that is?

Compassionate - do your words and actions towards yourself and others reflect kindness and an understanding that all life is precious?

Thoughtful - do you take your time to think carefully before making rash comments or judgements about yourself or others?

Apply these thoughts to yourself and others as you go through life, you will soon find you have more respect for yourself and others and in doing so, you begin to experience more benevolent, compassionate and respectful behaviour from others towards you.

Have a great day,


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