It is said in many circles that we each have a purpose or calling in life.  We might sometimes feel that if this is true, the instruction manual is a little confusing at times, but maybe that is just the point.

A calling or purpose suggests a lifelong quest, something that takes many twists and turns, bringing with it a full spectrum of experience.  It matters not whether that calling is an occupation, a personality trait, family commitments, or a series of seemingly unrelated events, they are all a part of the greater whole.  As are you.  Though many have tried, we cannot truly know the reason for our existence in the universe, but maybe accepting each life as part of a greater whole, a collective experience, will help you through challenging times.

It is often said that the strongest amongst us are those who experience the most challenge.  If you feel sometimes that the ride is getting a little too bumpy for you, take some time out to gather your strength, then get up and start again. You are blessed with a resilience of character that will help you triumph over adversity, one day at a time.


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