Discover Reiki with a Friend


Find a friend or loved one and learn this amazing confidence boosting, self-healing modality and get a HUNDRED POUNDS OFF – the normal price.  Each course is usually £200 each.

You can use Reiki to help calm nerves and instigate the natural healing process – use on yourself, your loved ones and your pets. – Fully certified course, enables progression to practitioner level.

Requires 2 x Day OR 4 x Half Day attendance, – the really great thing about learning with a friend is that you can book a course for the two of you to suit your schedules, subject to instructor availability.  Simply pay for and download voucher to secure this price.

Then call 0118 324 6864 to arrange your course when ready. Instructor availability Mon – Thurs up to 9.00 pm & Saturday up to 6.00 pm

Not sure why you might want to learn Reiki? Download 10 Reasons to Study Reiki here