It seems so easy to be instantly present everywhere these days, instantly available by phone, instant global messaging, social media sharing on multiple platforms, schedules to meet, deadlines to beat... but are we ever truly present in the same way we were before technology took over our lives?

Sadly  instant communication has led to more superficial hastily thought out exchanges and we are losing our ability to fully appreciate the world and the people around us in full multi-dimensional glory.  In 1964 Paul Simon wrote - "people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening.." a scarily prophetic lyric when reconsidered over 50 years later.

Maybe today is the day you need to slow down, to stop, and take time to listen, to speak meaningfully, to be aware of your environment and the nuance of the unspoken words of those around you. We are not data, that is something that has been attributed to us over generations of electronic tagging and manipulation, very useful for business - not so much for humanity. Take some time out and sit with no agenda, spend some time with a loved one,  turn off your phone and give your full attention to the moment in hand. Once you feel the value in true presence, you will benefit from incorporating more and more of it into your daily life and deepen the experiences you share with those around you.



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