Massage in pregnancy has many benefits, but expectant Mums and their unborn babies need special care and consideration. Many doctors and midwives recommend this type of specialist massage by a suitably qualified therapist, to help ease aches and pains, increase circulation and reduce anxiety for Mum and baby.

I am delighted to be able to be able to offer this specialised treatment - try to get one every 3 -4 weeks in your second and third trimesters.

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Research has shown that Expectant Mums who had regular massage in their second and third trimesters experienced less depression and anxiety, less leg and back pain, less incidence of premature birth and excessive foetal movement, newborns from a massage study group also scored higher on orientation and motor scale tests.

The research in question, was performed by both trained therapists and by the women's partners.  Both groups experienced the same results, so if you're expecting, you can either come and see me for treatment or I can teach your partner how to do it safely and effectively for you!

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time. It can be a great joy and presents so many changes. Some of those changes are not so welcome however, for example the tilt of the pelvis to accommodate the growing foetus, the altered centre of gravity that occurs for the same reason, changes in the way that the mother to be walks, sits and stands - all of which can cause back, hip and leg pain. - And if that weren't enough, pregnant women produce a hormone called relaxin that loosens the uterine walls to accommodate the growing baby - it also loosens every ligament in every joint in the body - this is crucial for the pelvis during labour, but can cause aching joints throughout the prior 40 weeks of pregnancy!

Massage won't alter these necessary changes to the body, but it can help to soothe the achey results! Easing shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, stretching and relaxing all those muscles that now have to work so much harder!

So double check with your doctor or midwife that it is OK to have a pregnancy massage, then click the button below and I'll have you feeling more comfortable in no time.

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As the uterus grows more pressure is placed on the inferior vena cava affecting blood circulation to the legs, resulting in pins and needles, aches and pains, swelling.

In addition to this, Pregnant women experience a massive increase in blood volume and raised blood pressure.  This is necessary to provide the additional oxygen and nutrients to the baby, but can cause issues as the pregnancy progresses.  - Speaking of additional oxygen - your baby takes in oxygen directly through the umbilical cord, which means you have breath twice as much to service your own oxygen needs, which is why pregnancy can make mothers to be, breathless and sometimes dizzy.

Massage to the back and legs, helps to regulate blood pressure and assists with circulation and breathing. This is good for the health of both Mother and Baby and will make pregnancy a little more comfortable.

Most GP's and Midwives are supportive of Pregnancy Massage, please quickly check with yours before hitting the button below to book your next session.

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Mood swings are normal - they are not a symptom of weakness or neurosis.  A pregnant woman's body is flooded with excessive amounts of hormones that do vital jobs. The two most important hormones for keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy are oestrogen and progesterone and the levels of these continually change throughout pregnancy and reach their peak at full term. However, excessive levels of oestrogen can cause sickness and agitation and excessive levels of progesterone can cause lethargy and fatigue.  It is easy to see why mood swings occur. They are not just common - they are as much an intrinsic part of pregnancy as the growing belly! You are not alone, you are not different, it happens to everyone.

Staying calm, learning to do relaxation and breathing exercises will help you to take back control. Pregnancy massage helps with this process, by lowering your levels of stress hormones, reducing the effects of hormonal change and imbalance. Research has also shown increases in oxytocin, seratonin and dopamine after massage, all of which make you feel secure, relaxed, calm and happy.

So double check with your doctor or midwife that it is OK to have a pregnancy massage, then click the button below and let me help you to take back some control.

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