Pain Management Therapy combines the best in Sports and Remedial Massage techniques with a whole body approach to cause and effect.  Each session aims to alleviate immediate pain, improve strength and flexibility and find a longer lasting solution to pain and restricted mobility.  This approach is highly effective on bad backs, limb and joint pain and can help rehabilitation after injury.  Can also be used to enhance Sports Performance

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You may be surprised to know...

 - how often poor posture and repetitive activities can cause muscle strain. This is often the case, when an injury keeps coming back as soon as 'normal' activities are resumed.

Frequent cramps and mysterious aches can be attributed to posture, playing a musical instrument, what you do for work and sometimes, injuries that occurred long ago.

Muscle, ligament and tendon damage can leave areas of scar tension, which can continue to cause dysfunction and compensatory pain patterns, resolve these and you will be well on your way to either resolving or managing your pain.  

An awkward twist, a day's gardening - a bad night's sleep can result in sudden pain and stiffness.

In truth this type of injury has usually been building for a while and can be attributed to poor postural habits, over exertion, a work or hobby related repetitive strain.  Remedial Massage and specific techniques originally developed for easing soft tissue injury and strain in athletes, will help to ease your pain and get you, moving again. 

Recommended Treatment Times: 

First visit -  60 minutes / 50.00 

Follow up - 40 minutes for single injury / £34.00 ( more time will be required for full body reset if required.)

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Some injuries seem to go on and on, without explanation. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes looking at an old problem can present a new approach. Perhaps the injury is being exacerbated by a hobby, or occupational hazard, sometimes knee pain can be due to spinal misalignment or simply the way your walk, stand or sit on a regular basis. 

Analysing these and finding a way to manage the pain and change some simple habits can really work wonders. 

Specific massage techniques can also be used to good effect to reduce scar tissue and inflammation after injury or surgery, boosting the natural healing process and improving comfort and mobility.

Some injuries just don't have a lasting resolution, but rather than learning to live with an injured or degenerated joint, limb or back, it is possible to gain ongoing relief with regular massage sessions, by keeping the soft tissue around the area, as toned and functional as possible. Once an injury has been eased, I recommend maintenance appointments every 4 - 8 weeks.

Recommended Treatment Times: 

First visit - 60 minutes / 50.00

Follow up 40 - 60 minutes £34.00 / £50.00 (depending on severity)

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Back pain can come on suddenly without warning and stop you in your tracks, you may not be able to sit, stand or lie down without pain - OR it can creep up and be more like a toothache in your spine!!

Whatever type of back pain you are suffering a good massage and evaluation of your posture and gait can work wonders! Even if you have had a 'bad back' for many years, it is possible that the cause hasn't yet been identified.

Many back problems are affected by strain and imbalance in the hips and thighs, others are caused by weak abdominal muscle or a tendency to sit curled up on the sofa after work! (I'm not saying you shouldn't relax after a long day, but there may be a better way of doing it!).  In such cases, if the back is treated in isolation without assessing and addressing underlying causes, the problem will keep occurring.

Some back problems are caused by trapped nerves, spinal misalignment, arthritis, Parkinson's, imbalance due to surgery, breaks and soft tissue damage. Whilst massage can't cure arthritis or straighten the spine, maintaining good muscle tone, will help to manage pain and often reduce restricted mobility.

Recommended Treatment Times: 

Back & legs 60 minutes / £50.00

Full Body 90 minutes / £70.00

Follow up Back only 40 minutes / £34.00

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Joint and Limb Pain

Whether you've twisted an ankle, have a repetitive strain to your wrist, or are recovering from knee surgery, massage can be surprisingly helpful.

Common soft tissue injuries can occur as the result of mobile phone use, gaming, carrying children, lifting heavy items, repetitive strain, poor posture.  When these occur, the pain can be felt at the injury site or around a joint.

Often joint pain is diagnosed as 'wear and tear' - this typically means there is some degeneration in the joint.  Whilst massage cannot changed the condition of the joint itself, reducing the strain, by improving the condition of the surrounding tissue, may be all that is needed to relieve pain and improve mobility.

First visit - 60 - 90 minutes / £50.00 - £70.00

Follow up 40 - 60 minutes / £34.00 - £50.00 

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The chronic pain from degenerative conditions such as Parkinsons, Arthritis, ME, or past trauma such as amputations, broken bones, torn ligaments and spinal injuries can seem like a life sentence of pain and restricted movement.

Massage will not help you grow a new limb, or magically mend a damaged joint or neural pathway.  - BUT often the associated pain and restricted movement is exacerbated by overload in the surrounding soft tissues, which then becomes dysfunctional and painful. Massage can help with this aspect and I have been delighted to help many, many clients over the years reduce their pain levels and improve their mobility. This often requires regular maintenance sessions - the cause isn't just going to go away. But regular treatment can make many difficult conditions more comfortable.

I recommend an initial block of 3 - 4 fortnightly appointments, followed by maintenance sessions every 4 - 8 weeks.

Recommended Treatment Times: 

First visit - 60 minutes / 50.00

Follow up 40 - 60 minutes £34.00 / £50.00 (depending on severity)

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