How can I help you online or over the telephone?

- while the social distancing and 2m rules apply, I am unable to see you in person, so I can't manipulate your muscles for you at the moment. BUT - I can do the next best thing, which is to show you how to do it for yourself and to give you the exercises, I would give you if you were to come to me.

I am offering 40 minute Assessment, Demonstration and Advice sessions via video link for £20.00 (if you have prepaid vouchers these will be valid), during which I will walk you through the type of self-treatment I do on myself, give advise on pain relief and exercises to get you moving more freely again.

OR - you can email me or call me for advice and suggestion FREE OF CHARGE

I will also be recording my Massage Workshops so you can access the training online - and therefore learn to massage yourself and your loved ones, safely and effectively.

Please register your interest below if you would like me to contact you when these are ready:

- these aspects of life have always overlapped with the body work I do, because they are as intrinsic to our physical health as they are to our mental health.  I have many years of experience, therefore, with fears, phobias, stress management, relationship difficulties and emotional overload and there are a number of different techniques I have used effectively over the years to help many clients overcome difficulties.

We are all in a position of uncertainty, anxiety and persistent stress at the moment - added to enforced social distancing that is preventing many from being with loved ones and family members.  I can help in a number of ways.

The 'talk' therapies and self help techniques, I have used in clinic for many years, work just as well via video link and there is an option to book half hour or hour long sessions for £20 or £40 respectively.

Or once again, if you have a specific question or concern, that I can help with simply email or call me free of charge.

In these uncertain times, however, money for all of us is likely to be an issue, so I am also going to be opening up some free group sessions, morning and afternoon each day, where you can call in and we can chat over coffee, to ease the isolation, boredom and anxiety over our current situation - we are ALL in the same boat to one degree or another and an informal chat with others, can often be really helpful.

I am currently setting up the technical aspects of these group calls, but if you would like to join in, please complete the form below to let me know - I will contact you as soon as these are up and running.

I will also be adding some free resources and ideas for coping with stress and isolation over the coming weeks and months, so please do pop back.

I am still here for you, even though person to person contact is being (justifiably) severely limited.

Let's be kind to ourselves and others and get through this together, Tracy x