Mid Back Pain

Mid Back Pain – often due to sedentary lifestyle, ‘slumping’ in chairs, poor core stability or those who frequently twist at the waist, such as  those who:

  1. Play racquet sports
  2. Dance
  3. Bowl
  4. Live or work with babies and small children
  5. Spend a large portion of the day sitting
  6. Long distance and high mileage drivers
  7. Golfers
  8. Gardeners, Decorators, Plumbers

Treatment times and Number of sessions: A 60 minute booking to include assessment and treatment, is recommended for Mid-Back pain, as there are often a number of contributory factors.  It is necessary to palpate and treat the whole back and include neck and shoulders for a thorough assessment and initial treatment.  Follow up appointments can probably be reduced to 40 mins if preferred.  The number of sessions required will vary according to the cause and for how long the issue has persisted.  As a general rule, however, you should consider 1 – 2 sessions for acute sudden pain, 2 – 3 sessions for intermediate, recurrent irritable pain and 5 -6 sessions for chronic long term pain, followed by a maintenance programme of 40 – 60 minutes sessions at 4 – 8 weekly intervals.

What to expect: – You will be required to remove outer clothing, you can keep your underwear on, but it may need to be moved out of the way.  The therapist will feel into the muscles of your entire  back, shoulders and neck.  Some areas may be sore to the touch, this is where there are muscular adhesions (scar tissue), which need to be broken down in order to resolve your pain and/or restricted movement.  You remain fully conscious at all times and are encouraged to ask questions about your treatment and comment on your level of discomfort throughout. Your comfort and understanding of your treatment plan are vital to the success of the treatment.

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