Letting Go

Life is a journey, we come into it with nothing and leave with nothing it is what we do along the way that counts, not the possessions we collect for they are all transient.

Let go of your fears, your desire to control others, and your need to gather material things around you.  Take a moment to notice what you actually have – food, shelter and the ability to communicate with others. Letting go can allow us to focus more calmly on the aspects we DO have control over i.e. our actions and thoughts and an acceptance that however much we may wish to ‘have’ something – it may not be ours to possess.

As you go through your day today, remember the old Chinese proverb about the Emperor and the Nightingale.  The nightingale, once caged for the Emperor’s pleasure ceased to sing, but on its release it returned freely and sang for the Emperor in his hour of need – the moral being – If you love something (or someone) set it free, if it comes back to you, it is yours – if it does not then it never was.

Consider this for a moment then apply it to all the people and situations you feel inclined to control today and watch the magic happen!



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