Just for Today

Anyone who has done Reiki training, will know that the 5 precepts (principles) begin 'Just for Today', in fact there are some Reiki scholars who believe that 'Just for Today' is in fact a precept on its own. Certainly it is a principle I have applied in my own life since a traumatic event in my early adulthood, long before personal development, therapy training and years of practice.

Its pure simplicity can be applied to any day - good or bad and bring the passage of time and its true gift into perspective.

Let me explain. Each one of us is an intricate and complex piece of the puzzle we call life. In the grand scheme of the universe we could be likened to the cells in our own bodies going about their daily tasks, living out their lives and never knowing  the bigger picture that is our life.

Time and space are relative, but most of us live long enough to recognise one day as a single snapshot in the great photo album of our lives. And this is the magic of 'Just for Today'.  My life is full of snapshots some good, some not so good and some I wish I had never experienced. But on my lowest days I always knew that if whatever was going on was just for today, I also knew that there would be some small change tomorrow, and the next day and the day after and that as all the days add together at some point in the not too distant future, whatever was happening today would become a memory.

Likewise, in times when I have found peace and great joy I have known this too would change. This does not diminish the joy, rather it focuses the importance of embracing and appreciating every moment so that the memory created is clear enough and bright enough, that it can be recalled whenever I wish to do so.

It  is often said that Today is a gift, which is why it is called the present.  My gift to you today is simply that, may you embrace whatever comes your way in the knowledge that all things change in the great ebb and flow of the universe.


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