Holistic therapies aim to treat, relax and calm the whole body.  This can have far-reaching benefits on body, mind and spirit. The holistic therapies offered here are all gentle, reflective approaches to health and wellbeing, designed to help each individual find his or her own inner peace, clarity of mind and a quiet strength of will.

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Holistic therapies can reduce excessive stress levels to  help the body heal and recover from injury, trauma and illness. Holistic means to treat 'the whole', so holistic therapies seek to find calm and clarity in Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing.

The human body is a highly complex system encompassing physical structures, chemical messengers and electrical neurotransmitters that in every moment of our lives, continually respond to internal and external triggers. Imbalances in these systems, can lead to poor health and an unhappy state of mind. Whereas, balance brings calmness, clarity and a sense wellbeing.

Reiki, means 'Universal Energy' and works on the basis of balancing 'chi' or 'life energy'. It promotes calm and equilibrium to enable the natural healing response.

Many illnesses, pain and injury share common features that include increased levels of stress hormone in the system. As we have already discussed elsewhere on this site, persistently heightened levels of these hormones can reduce healing and immune response, affect digestion, circulation, reproduction and respiration, increase blood pressure, dehydration and anxiety.

The calming effect of Reiki helps the body to take the required rest to enable healing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns.

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - also known as 'Tapping' is a curious combination therapy that can help to reduce the trigger and therefore effect of many fears, phobias and limiting beliefs.

I have personally used it on many clients over the years for many things, including recovery from relationship break-ups, to fear of surgery and confidence issues.

One to one sessions focus on identifying and reducing the effects of the mental or emotional triggers that cause us to clam up, trip over and feel fear, anger and resentment.  It can be very effective, fast acting and leaves many clients feeling empowered.

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Holistic Massage is designed to ease both body and mind combining effective muscle release techniques with relaxation.  This relieves tension while promoting deep relaxation to leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated.

Constant feelings of fatigue increase stress response which can increase aches, pains and likelihood of injury.  A deeply relaxing, but effective massage can make a huge difference.

This gentle treatment comes with additional elements, such as Reiki, Essential Oils, Hand, Foot and Facial Massage.  Take a look at the booking form below and add in as many of the optional extras you wish.

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