Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees.  Our daily lives can become so full of frustrations and challenges to both time and patience, that we often forget to notice the many things we each have to be truly grateful for.

Perhaps you have been going through a difficult period in recent times, or are feeling like nothing is going your way. All these things may be true for you, but it is important to realise that while you can only see the difficult and the challenging, that will be your main focus and the overriding way you view each day of your life.

The blessing of Gratitude is encouraging you to stop what you are doing and notice all the many things you could choose to be grateful for. Write a list of the simple things you could be grateful for today, a song, a feeling, a person, a book or article you have read.  Then make a conscious choice to notice more and more of the blessings in life, they will not only help you deal with whatever challenges life brings you, but will help you to experience life in a completely different and uplifted way.


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