There are a great many ways of being generous. Generosity of spirit might describe a level of benevolence and understanding of the myriad different needs and desires of others. Generosity of the heart might describe a kindness to all living things, compassion and the ability to give and receive love.

Being generous with one's money can be anything from buying dinner for a friend or handing over cash to someone in need, or perhaps sharing your last few pennies with someone you love. We can be generous with sharing resources and information, our time and our personal possessions or property. Taking the time to listen to someone who wants to talk or to pay someone a compliment when you could be doing something else is also an example of generosity.

And perhaps with that last example you can begin to see where I am going with this..

Being generous is central to humanity, not just for those who receive but also for those who give, because we all have the opportunity to play both roles in the course of our lives.  Generosity is about ebb and flow, giving and receiving without condition or expectation.

Today take some time to be prepared to both and give and receive, whether what you give and receive is time, money, compassion or resources, be gracious as both giver and receiver.  If you like to give so do others, so don't argue, just express your gratitude for gifts and kindnesses that come your way. Likewise, when giving - do so joyously and without expectation of return.

Like many other benevolent human traits generosity is contagious, so if you would like others to be generous with you, be the change you are looking for, start the trend by giving to others.


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