Sometimes a difficult thing to practice in our modern, competitive and often inhumane world. But it has often been said that forgiveness is not for the benefit of the perpetrator but for the peace of the victim.

Perhaps that word in itself is a clue to why forgiving freely is so important. Holding onto hurt keeps us in victim mode, from which we are unable to fully express our true nature.  You may feel there are some people and situations that you mustn't forgive for fear of appearing to condone an unkind or wicked act. But perhaps if you can see that the act of forgiveness allows you to be yourself, to step away from victimhood - 'turn the other cheek' you can begin, with a clearer mind to put right in the present and future whatever went wrong in the past.

The blessing of Forgiveness is encouraging you to consider what is holding you back, let it go and plan for a stronger more bulletproof you from today forwards.  Write down a list of the events and people in your life you feel you are struggling to forgive, then understand that you deserve to allow yourself the peace of letting go. Your forgiveness is not for them it is for you, because you deserve the peace of mind. We are all here for a purpose, don't waste time and emotion on events or people you can't change.


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