To be frivolous is to engage the carefree, to escape the eternal hamster wheel of societal pressures.  There are many ways to be frivolous, from wearing bright colours, to dancing in the street, jumping in puddles to wing-walking.

Frivolity is a way of expressing one's individual nature and a personal joy of life.  It has become very frowned upon.  Far from  the space travelling,  society that was envisaged in the latter half of the 20th century, the new millennium seems to have heralded a very serious, angst-ridden way of life in which we analyse the minutiae of the words and actions of others and constantly question our own worth in comparing ourselves with our peers.

I have a very good friend who likes to say "bucket" - meaning throw away anything that is not of any value - this includes the opinions and actions of others, derogatory remarks and criticisms.


Life is for living and we are rarely more fully alive than when we are truly exhilarated, finding joy in the moment, seeking out colour, art and laughter.

Take some time out today to do just one frivolous thing - one joyful unnecessary moment of personal expression. You will add more to life and to the community around you by showing your frivolous side and encouraging others to do the same, than with any serious task you have to undertake today.

Be free, be joyful and have a great day,


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