When our creativity is stifled we can feel disconnected from the world around us and yet it is one of the most undervalued of all human qualities. In a world of instant response and quick fixes the value of creating something worthwhile has been lost altogether.

And yet we are, by our very nature, born to create. - We marvel at great works of art, drama and music but most of us consider ourselves not to be very creative, and take a dim view of taking time out to express our creative side - which can be anything from Gardening to Parenting.

But it is so important.  When we express our creative nature we are contributing to the world around us in some small /or not so small way. We are also reaffirming our individuality which boosts our mental and emotional well-being, benefiting not only ourselves but the lives of all those we are in contact with.

Neglecting this area of our lives stifles our personal development, reduces our confidence and sense of belonging and we can feel isolated and disconnected from the community around us - some of the loneliest people on the planet live in busy neighbourhoods.

So today, consider how you can rekindle your own unique creative nature, these are a few examples, but there are many more I am sure you can think of:

Gardening - create a beautiful place to be or grow food to eat.

Parenting - create new games, stories and new ways of interpreting the world around your children, create new lives!!

Relationships - create time and opportunity to spend quality time together, be together in nature, mend or build something for your home, plan a special event.

Dig out some paints or art equipment and make something just for fun, don't worry too much about the finished item - just enjoy the process.

Empty out some cupboards and create space, renovate an old piece of furniture or revamp some old clothes to give them a new lease of life.

The possibilities are endless, and hugely beneficial the more you build this mindset into your life, the more you will enjoy all that you have in life and you will be blessed with a much more joyful frame of mind.

Go on give it a try, then see if you can adopt it as a new habit,


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