Risk Assessment and Action Plan during Coronavirus Pandemic

Risk Assessment and action plan for Mind and Bodyworx, in relation to the coronavirus pandemic

Dated: 17 July 2020

Comply with Government Guidance on safe return to work for Close Contact Businesses:

Undertake Risk Assessment and review regularly

  • Keeping clients safe
    1. Limit number of clients
    2. Wear PPE, at all times while in presence of client
    3. Minimise Face to face conversation
    4. Clients to provide own water bottle
    5. Clients to use own bag for storing clothes while being treated
    6. Clients are requested to use contactless payment or online transfer
    7. No treatment to face or area in the immediate vicinity of the face
    8. Appointments will be cancelled if they or someone they have been in contact with has had any symptoms of coronavirus within the last 21 days


  • Keeping staff safe
    1. Therapist is only person clients will have contact with
    2. Therapist is only member of staff present
    3. Social distancing not possible during treatment, but is mitigated with use of PPE
    4. Clients are required to cancel appointment if they or someone they have been in contact with has had any symptoms of coronavirus within the last 21 days
    5. Ask all clients prior to arrival if they have experienced: – a new continuous cough, high temperature, or loss of smell or taste – reschedule if yes to any of these.


  • Cleaning the workplace
    1. Remove all possible soft fabrics and uncleanable materials and surfaces
    2. Clean/Antibac all surfaces between clients and at the beginning and end of the working day
    3. Change/remove all launderable items between each client
    4. Dispose of apron between each client
    5. Anti-Bac/disinfect visor between each client
    6. Therapist and client to use hand sanitiser on entrance and exit, and during treatment if necessary
    7. Curtain barrier sprayed with disinfectant between clients


  • PPE
    1. Face Visor to be worn at all times
    2. Disposable apron to be worn at all times
    3. Uniform required, changed between shifts
    4. Footwear disinfected between clients


  • Inbound/Outbound goods
    1. Anything purchased by the business that is intended for the treatment room will be disinfected on arrival


  • Track and Trace
    1. Display notice drawing clients’ attention to the track and trace requirements if they fall ill after treatment
    2. Make all clients aware that they may be contacted as part of the track and trace programme if the therapist becomes ill after treatment