The courses and workshops I run focus on individual attention and the ability to fit in with your busy schedule.

You can learn by yourself or with friends and loved ones.

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There is always so much to learn and so little time in our busy schedules, how often have you said you wanted to take a course in something, only to find that you weren't available at the same time as the course was running?

Me too! - So I decided to keep things as simple and flexible as possible.

All the courses and workshops I offer are available to individuals and small groups, all year round - so whenever you are ready to learn, I can arrange a date and time to suit you.  - Take a look at the topics covered and if you have any questions, let me know by emailing me here.

Learn how to massage your partner or family members safely and effectively. This beginner course provides theory, safety information, massage techniques and involves a lot of hands-on practice.  A manual for each participant is included so you will always have that important safety information to refer back to.

The class demonstrates different types of massage and the relevant benefits including, stress reduction, easing muscular aches and pains, relaxation, reduced blood pressure and better sleep. If you have children or stressed out teenagers, I can also teach you how to reduce their anxiety, release tension and induce better sleep.

The price of this workshop is £140 for two people.  You will be the only ones on the course you book, to ensure individual attention and tailored learning.  Follow-up 'Refresher Courses' are also available, if you feel you want to hone your skills from time to time!

You can book a Saturday morning session if this fits into your schedule better, but I have to say that to get the best out of this course it is a good idea to have a quiet afternoon afterwards.  So if your weekends are busy, taking a day's annual leave and booking a weekday session, might be a better way to go! Either way you can book online by clicking the button below:

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This 3 hour workshop will take you through the basic principles and safe practice of working with Vibrational Energy, EFT & Meditation.

Vibrational energy is what we detect when we feel and atmospheric change in a group situation, which is why a meditation class might feel really calm and crowded streets often feel the exact opposite!! Understanding how to recognise and work with Vibrational Energy can enable you to be more considered in your reactions to people and circumstances around you.

EFT - also known as 'Tapping', seeks to identify and neutralise the emotional triggers that cause us to react in a negative way in certain situations, for example in exams, on a first date or around people that make us feel anxious. Neutralise the trigger and your reaction will be based on your conscious thought rather than a subconscious fear.

Meditation - is one of the most ancient practices that has ever been documented.  It is and has been, practised widely by many diverse cultures for thousands of years.  We are still using it because it is highly effective for calming mind and body, enabling clearer focus and more benevolent thought towards ourselves and others.  There are many different approaches to meditation, finding one that works for you could be a life-changer.

The cost of this course is £140 and remains the same whether you attend by yourself or you can bring up to two friends. Simply complete the booking form and I'll be seeing you soon.

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Reiki training is about so much more than learning a new therapy. It is about finding inner peace and sharing it with others, it is an excellent way to forgive and let go of past baggage, manage stress and anxiety, boost confidence and improve personal and business relationships.

Reiki Training progresses through 3 levels:-  Level 1 is for personal development, techniques learned can be used on oneself, friends and family members.  Level 2 is beginner practitioner level, this level enhances the personal development of the first level training and allows students to become practitioners to work on members of the public if they wish. Level 3 is advanced practitioner level and as such, deepens the personal development aspects of the earlier levels, provides advanced techniques and in depth understanding.  From this level practitioners can choose to continue further into Reiki Teacher Training - which some refer to as Level 4. How far you take your Reiki study or over what period of time you choose to study it, is matter entirely for you.

But as Lao Tse famously said - "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"- so if you are curious, click the button below and let's see where this next step takes you.

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