Practising a little compassion every day is good for the soul, and the more of us that catch this habit the closer we will be to changing the world!

Today's challenge therefore is for you to take some time to ponder this question:

What  action can I take every day, to show compassion as I go about my regular daily tasks?


Is there someone in your community who needs help with shopping?

Someone who lives on the street that you pass every day - maybe you could choose to stop and say hello - give them a small amount of money every day or buy them a hot drink/something to eat?

Maybe you could think more compassionately on your commute to work - if you drive, be ready to be the one who gives way

                   or if you travel by train be the person to give up your seat or help a fellow passenger with heavy bags or a child's pushchair?

It could even be something as simple as saying thank you and acknowledging cashiers in shops, tipping waiting staff or saying thank you to your child's teacher?

It is so easy to go through life with our heads down, feeling irritated and under pressure that we forget to look up at the sky and share a smile with our fellow human beings.

Compassion, like smiling, is contagious


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