There is a great deal of serenity to be found in acceptance, how often have you found yourself running around like a headless chicken desperately trying to control your surroundings? your job? your relationships? everyone else?

STOP and take a moment just for yourself, find that inner voice that speaks so softly under the roar of the busy hamster wheel on which we all tread endlessly.

Today make some time to take a moment just for yourself to consider all the things you are trying to change and control. Write a list, then cross each one off as you imagine looking at each person and situation from a distance. Find your moment of serenity in fully understanding that your personal responsibilities are not as vast as you thought they were.

Accept that there are some things you just can’t change and let go of all the anguish and frustration that previous belief has held you in for so long, breathe, relax be free,

Namaste x

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