10 reasons YOU should learn Reiki

Be the LightThere are as many reasons for studying Reiki as there are those who have studied it. However here are my top ten....

  1. It can bring you comfort, and release you from your emotional baggage - Reiki teaches students self-awareness, forgiveness and methods to effectively release limiting beliefs, self-doubt, worry, anger and fear.
  2. The training includes aspects from many different healing and contemplative practices - Reiki was pioneered by Mikao Usui, a man who dedicated his life to studying many different healing approaches, including Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Meditation.
  3. It works - Usui's method was so effective he was decorated by the Japanese Emperor for his work with the sick and injured in the aftermath of the 1926 Tokyo Earthquake.
  4. You can Self-Treat - Even better Reiki self treatments can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress levels and boost your immune system.
  5. You will learn techniques for self-exploration and mindful observance. Reiki is a method of healing oneself and others through mindful action and observance of emotional and learned responses.
  6. You remain in control of your own personal development - There are NO religious or cultural affiliations with Reiki - it is about seeking and developing ones own personal journey within the framework of each individual circumstance.
  7. Reiki is about compassion, inner peace and wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Developing these qualities will enhance your ability to cope with stress, build self-confidence and improve your relationships with others.
  8. You can choose how far you take your study - there are four levels of attainment in Reiki - each person can choose how far to take their individual study and may take as long as they wish to develop their understanding.
  9. The benefits of Reiki training are as diverse as those who choose to train - Because of the elements of self-awareness and personal development, Reiki training can open many different doors for many different people. You might find you have the confidence to ask for that raise, arrange that date or accept an offer for public speaking!
  10. You will develop self-awareness, inner peace, compassion and respect for the world around us, and learn how to release of fear, anger and guilt.  Why wouldn't everyone wish to study it?
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