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Every BODY is as unique as it is complex.

Over the years I have developed a highly individualised approach to common and not so common causes of pain.

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Tracy Palazzo-Barnes

Who am I?
Sports Massage
Back Pain
Soft Tissue Injury

I am an experienced Sports Massage and Complementary Holistic Therapist.  In plain terms this means I use a variety of hands on treatment methods to evaluate and ease the pain of soft tissue injury and imbalance.

AND - because our body and mind are actually one and the same, I help clients with stress management and relaxation techniques too.

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Sports Massage Techniques, work just as effectively whether you are suffering pain and injury from over-exertion at your chosen sport or from sitting at your desk! Over many years I have helped countless athletes, musicians, dancers and public service workers restore imbalance due to postural deficiency and overuse syndrome. Click here to learn more and book your treatment

Around 80% of 'bad backs' are muscular in origin follow the links below to find out more about cause, effect and treatment:

Upper back pain - often felt between the shoulder blades, which can also refer across the upper shoulder and up the neck. - READ MORE...

Mid Back Pain - often due to sedentary lifestyle, 'slumping' in chairs, poor core stability or those who frequently twist at the waist, such as  those who:  READ MORE....

Low Back Pain - perhaps the most common is often due, once again to twisted postures as described above and those whose legs are strained due to sporting activities, standing occupations and poor sitting positions involving uneven leg loading,  READ MORE....


Persistent Background Stress can play havoc with every organ and system in your body. - It is as much a physiological problem as it is an emotional one and is often caused by things we worry about, but can't resolve. For example other people's issues, anything that has already happened, anything that might happen - but hasn't yet!  Over the years, many clients have complained of lack of sleep, dehydration, or underlying issues such as low self-confidence, fear and frustration - all text book symptoms of high levels of stress hormones.

In reponse to this,  I have trained in and developed a number of strategies to help many people make lasting and positive changes in their lives. I have even developed a powerful 12 month stress-busting programme that includes practical exercises, guided meditations, and subtle lifestyle changes.
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Reiki is a safe non-invasive yet powerful method of balancing Body, Mind & Spirit. A truly holistic approach that aids the healing process and can bring calm and clarity in times of distress.  Over many years of practice and teaching this wonderful therapy, I have been privileged to help countless people and a few furry friends along the way Want to know more? Read on here...
Meditation is an excellent way to relax - there is no right or wrong way to do it each person finds their own individual way. If you think you might benefit from meditation you can get started here without spending a single shiny penny!! Click here for some useful safety and comfort tips and FREE downloadable pre recorded meditations, just for you...

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