However fit you are some wear and tear just can't be avoided - especially if you have had an injury, or lead an energetic or stressful life.  More...

Constantly trying to be - better, faster, busier, can seriously damage your health and wellbeing, time to take back control?  More...

Learning to nurture your 'inner you', can improve your health and well-being, foster a sense of inner peace, and bring joy into your daily life.  More 'woo hoo!' than 'woo woo' More...

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Techniques, work just as effectively whether you are suffering pain and injury from over-exertion at your chosen sport or from sitting at your desk! Over many years I have helped countless athletes, musicians, dancers and public service workers restore imbalance due to postural deficiency and overuse syndrome. 

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Back Pain

Around 80% of ‘bad backs’ are muscular in origin, even backs that have a skeletal cause can benefit from maintaining good muscular health and flexibility.

Treatment includes:  consultation, postural and overuse assessment, manual therapy and self-help treatment plan.  If the pain is occupation or sport related a maintenance programme may also be recommended.  Click to read on...

Neck & Limb Pain

Many painful issues in the arms and legs can be traced back to postural habits, trips falls and repetitive strain injuries.

Trauma - trips, falls, whiplash injuries, car accidents and some fair ground rides!

Postural Habits -workplace posture, TV position, reading to small children, holding head on one side

Repetitive Strain - reaching overhead, twisting as in classroom or lecture style presentations, working in awkward spaces, new drivers, new parents, cyclists, musicians, hairdressers and therapists!

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Reiki is a safe non-invasive yet powerful method of balancing Body, Mind & Spirit. A truly holistic approach that aids the healing process and can bring calm and clarity in times of distress.  Over many years of practice and teaching this wonderful therapy, I have been privileged to help countless people and a few furry friends along the way
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Meditation is an excellent way to relax - there is no right way to do it each person finds their own individual way. If you think you might benefit from meditation you can get started here without spending a single shiny penny!!

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